To attend the workshops, "proof of vaccination" required.

Turkish Mosaic Art DIY Workshop

Canada’s first workshop to teach the art of traditional Turkish mosaic lamp making.

Come and Enjoy making a traditional Turkish mosaic lamp that lighten your room with your family, couples or friends
at the workshops that thought by real Turkish and local artisans.

Experience Turkish Culture

Moreover you will have a chance to experience Turkish Culture with decorations , musical instruments and tools to make Turkish Coffee and tea with all the explanations around in our studio.

Hand-cut Mosaics and Beads

Enlighten your nights with the traditional Turkish lamp that you build piece by piece with using any available 10 colors of different shaped hand-cut glasses and beads.

Enjoy Turkish Tea and Delight

You will be leaving all the issues and problems behind once you entered our studio and start making your lamp while listening the selected instrumental Turkish musics, sipping your Turkish Tea and tasting rose delight.

No experience or prior knowledge is required

Create an everlasting gift for your loved ones with your own creativity or with traditional patterns provided while no experience or prior knowledge is require.

Come and visit

  • 115 Bank Street, Suite 23, Ottawa ON K1P 5N5

About Payment

You can choose to decide the lamp type in the studio or book in advance. If you choose "decide the type on spot" then you may need pay extra for lamp options. For details, please check with the teacher on the spot.

Extra Person:If more than one person is going to make one artwork only then, you may need to pay for extra persons.

Price Table

Candle Holder

Table Lamp

Swan Lamp

Candle Holder

8cm x 10cm


1.5 - 2 hours

Table Lamp

14cm x 28cm


2-3 hours

Swan Lamp

20cm x 38cm


2-3 hours

New Item

Moon Lamp

Moon Lamp

30 x 45cm


2-3 hours

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A cancellation must be made a full 120 hours(5 days) prior to the scheduled event start time.
If the guest cancels between 168 to 120 hours(7 days to 5 days) before the event, a maximum of 50% of the booking fee may be collected by the host as administrative fee.
It is non-refundable when the cancellation is made less than 120 hours(5 days) before the event.

A reschedule must be made at least 48 hours prior to the event start time.We will charge 35 CAD/per person handling fee for reschedule made within 48 hours before the scheduled event start time. It can be paid by cash during the workshop.

You can make one lamp with two people. We will charge for additional $35 for the second person. It would be the price of "one artwork + $35" in total.